Program, Reykjavik & Study Trip

All tours starts from the Conference Hotel

Wednesday 5th of September
Study Trip to Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station
14.30  NAAE-Bus departs from Radisson Blu Saga Conference Hotel
15.15   Arriving Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station
18.00  Estimated time back in Reykjavik
18.30  Dinner at restaurant Bryggjan Brugghus
21.00  Walking back to the hotel

Thursday 6th of September
NAAE-27 Conference at
Radisson Blu Saga Conference Hotel in Reykjavik
08.30   Registration at Radisson Blu Saga Conference Hotel
08.45   Welcome by NAAE, Dan Johansson
08.50   Landspitali presentation, Gardar Myrdal
09.00   Lecture 1: QA on the machines, with MPC and IsoCal, Varian, Thomas Troff
09.20   Questions & Answers
09.25   Lecture 2: Care Community, Elekta, Nigel Hollewell and Peter Raspa
09.45   Questions & Answers
09.50   C-RAD, product presentation, Lars Gusch
10.05    ScandiDos, product presentation, Camilla Bysell
10.20    Coffee & Tea Break
10.40    AEP with team, presented by Edwin Molenaar
10.55    Lecture 3: Remote Connect Solutions & Advanced Troubleshooting, Avante Health Solutions Oncology Services, Dan DuBeau
11.25    Questions & Answers
11.30    Scanflex, product presentation, Henrik Eriksson
11.40    Lecture 4: Conventional x-ray therapy, technical solutions & medical applications, Wolf Medizintechnik GmbH, Andreas Wolf
12.20    Questions & Answers
12.25    Lunch
13.30    Lecture 5: Web based dosimetry application, Skåne University Hospital, Jacob Snäll
13.40    Questions & Answers
13.45    Lecture 6: Accelerator QA using kV and MV imagers at AUH, Aarhus University Hopital, Lars Hjorth Præstegaard
14.25    Questions & Answers
14.30    Lecture 7: Test of dynamic treatment delivery using QA test log files, Aarhus University Hospital, Lars Hjorth Præstegaard
15.00    Questions & Answers

15.05    Coffee & Tea Break
15.25    Lecture 8: Custom build gun prepare kit and process, Leiden University Medical Center, Frans Sturm
15.55     Questions & Answers
16.00    Lecture 9: Principles of operation of magnetrons and identifying and solving service issues, Teledyne e2v, Patricia Howland and David Rowlands
16.40    Questions & Answers
16.45   – 17:30     Technical discussions, Elekta and Varian groups
18.00  – 19.30      Expo and product presentations at the Conference Hotel
19.30  – 22.00      Conference Dinner

Friday 7th of September

NAAE-27 Conference, Golden Circle, Tour of Iceland
08.45   NAAE-Bus departs from the Conference Hotel
Please bring good clothes for the trip, including good shoes for walking,
it can be quite a long distances to walk from the bus stops. Good touch of nature :))
You may need: Cap, scarf, sweater, jacket, gloves and warm footwear. Also good to bring some snacks, drinks etc.
13.00    Stop at a good restaurant (you pay for the food yourself on this trip)
During the bus tour we will have the following presentations on the way there:
RS&A, company presentation, David Stith
RAD Technology Medical Systems, company presentation, Kenneth Wright
Technologia Sweden AB, The importance of correct laser adjustment for QA   and In-House Engineering, Dan Johansson
.. and the following on the way back to Reykjavik:
NAAE Annual Meeting
18.00    Estimated time back at the Conference Hotel.
               END OF CONFERENCE