NAAE-30 Conference in Helsinki, Finland

Monday 11/9, Networking event, Pre-Conference Day 0:

15:00-22:00   Networking event – boat trip, national park and dinner

15:00                 The boat departs from the pier next to the Conference Hotel Kalastajantorppa to Vallisaari National Park, an island close to central Helsinki
18:15                  From Vallisaari we take another boat to the floating restaurant Meripaviljonki
19:00                 Dinner at Meripaviljonki
21:30                  Transportation back to the Conference Hotel Kalastajantorppa with bus

Tuesday 12/9 Main Conference, Day 1:

08:00                 Registration at the Conference Hotel Kalastajantorppa
08:30                 Welcome by NAAE & Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
08:45                 Presentations of Companies and their ”all day” Exhibition
09:30                 Lecture: Know more and do less with MPC (TrueBeam and Ethos) – Richard Tiggelaar, Amsterdam University Medical Centre (UMC)
10:00                  Coffee & Tea break
10:30                  Lecture: BNCT – Physicist, HUS
11:15                    Lecture:  MRIdian  – Physicist, HUS
12:00                  Lunch buffet
13:15                   Workshop: Technical Questions & Answers – Elekta and Varian
14:45                  Coffee & Tea break / Mingle & Exhibition
15:45                  Transportation to Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
16:15                   Study visit at HUS
18:45                  Transportation back to the Conference Hotel
19:30-22:30    Conference Dinner

Wednesday 13/9 Main Conference, Day 2:

08:30                Lecture: Development of the MRI-Linac – Arian van Appeldoorn, Utrecht University Medical Centre (UMC)
09:15                 Lecture: From the factory floor at Teledyne e2v – Pat Howland and Nikeel Patel, Teledyne Healthcare
09:30                Lecture: RF Chain system integration challenges and understanding the interaction of components – Pat Howland and Nikeel Patel, Teledyne Healthcare
10:00                 Lecture: Early Experience with the new Varian HyperSight imaging solution – Ulf Bjelkengren, Herlev University Hospital
10:30                 Coffee & Tea break
11:00                  Lecture: Research Elekta & Varian MLC – Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
11:30                  Lecture: The Latest SGRT Innovations: Improving Accuracy and the Standard of Radiotherapy- Lorna Wood, Katja Lanu, VisionRT
12:00                 Evaluation
12:15                  Lunch buffet
13:30                  NAAE Annual Member Meetings
14:30                 Coffee & Tea break
15:00-18:00   Workshop & Education: Simac linear accelerator simulator – Linax (bring your own laptop)
19:00-21:30   Supper
21:30                 End of Conference  (see you next year)