Technical discussions 2018, VARIAN


Submitted questions:
1) We can not print from SmartDocs, this should be possible using our Hasp key?

2) Have you done an evaluation of how the new PMP-maintenance  3 times/year works compared to PMI  4 times year?

3) We have heard that there is a new oil to lubricate MLC if it goes sluggish (needs to change engines often), is this correct and how does it affect any previous ”washing” of the blades?

4a) Swift explanation of the clinac sw 9.5 release, capabilities and new features.
4b) Change of concept – no DOS PC
4c) Especially the changes with log files – logviewer

5) What files are automatically uploaded to Varian on Truebeam, and is there any files containing patient sensitive data?

+ additional questions at the conference in Reykjavik