Abstracts – Lectures, Herlev-Gentofte

Title: MRI-only treatment planning: Motivation, challenges and possible solutions, Jens Edmund, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.
The presentation will consider a situation where MRI is the only modality for delineation and treatment planning. It will further provide an overview of different approaches for so-called synthetic CT generation.

Title: Motion control in Radiotherapy, Wiviann Ottosson, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.
Breathing motion challenges the accuracy of radiotherapy delivery. C-rad is a surface scanning system utilized for tracking the breathing motion of breast and lung cancer patients at Herlev. This talk will introduce the C-rad system and give some clinical examples. It will focus on its use for deep-inspiration breath-hold treatments for breast cancer patients, and 4DCT scans for lung cancer patients. It will also state some difficulties and solutions in implementing 4DCT in the radiotherapy department.

Title:  Principles of operation of magnetrons and thyratrons, Arwel Evans, e2v Technologies.
e2v will be presenting a new concept in training designed to help medical physicists and engineers
to understand the principles of operation of magnetrons and thyratrons and identify fault to help with field service issues.