Agenda: Annual Members Meeting #16 in Reykjavik

7th of November, at NAAE-27 Conference in Reykjavik
1. Opening of the meeting.
2. Determination of the meeting announcement.
3. Adoption of the agenda
4. Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting.
5. Election of ballot counting officer as also adjusts the protocol.
6. Finance and Auditor’s report.
7. Annual report
a. We arranged and supported the 27th NAAE Conference in Reykjavik 2018.
b. We arranged a Study Trip to Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station 2018.
c. We arranged a Tour of Iceland including lectures/presentations 2018.
d. The Board had discussed next Conference 2018.
e. We continued using a WhatsApp group for Board discussions/meetings.

8. Adoption of the reports and granting freedom from liability for the Board.
9. Activity plan and proposal from the Board.
Activity plan:
a. Arrange the 28th NAAE conference some place in northern Europe.
b. Arrange a Study Trip in conjunction with the 28th NAAE conference.
Proposal from the Board:
c. Election of Henrik Cederfjord as member of Board, with a duration until 2020.
10. Received motions
11. Budget
Budget 2018-2019: 50.000 (2017-2018: 40.000)
a. Conference: 35.000(2017-2018: 25.000)
b. Lectures and Study Trips: 4.500(2017-2018: 4.500)
c. Development of website: 1.500(2017-20181.500)
d. Face-to-Face Board Meetings: 1.000(2017-2018: 1.000)
e. Activities & development: 2.500(2017-2018: 2.500)
f. Marketing, visit conferences & hospitals: 3.000€ (2017-2018: 3.000)
g. Administrative Services: 2.500 (2017-2018: 2.500)
12. Other issues for discussion
13. Determination of the activity plan and budget.
14. Election of Directors and Auditors (and the duration for this).
Board of directors:
Dan Johansson, Göteborg
Eilert Viking, Linköping
Petra Viklund, Västerås
Magne Johansson, Borås
Aravinth Sivanesan, Stavanger
Henrik Cederfjord, Växjö…. all until 2019.
Christer Larsson Växjö
Kim Nielsen, Århus…. both until 2019.
Andreas Granberg, Jönköping
Dan Johansson, Jönköping…. both until 2019.
15. Determination of the time and location of next Annual Member Meeting.
16. End of meeting.