NAAE-29 Conference in Uppsala, Sweden

27-29 of September 2022

Closest Airport: Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) Train from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Uppsala central (20 minutes).
Walking distance from Uppsala train station to Elite Hotel Academia (5 minutes).
You have to book hotel yourself, accommodation is not included in the NAAE arrangement.

The theme for this year’s conference is: ”The hospital engineer in everyday work”

PRE-CONFERENCE, 27th of September 2022:

(Day 0, Tuesday):

12.45  Study Trip to GE Cyclotron manufacturing (hospital employees only), max 8 people.
We leave Elite Hotel Academia by taxi at 12.45.

15.15 -17.15   Odinsborg Museum, max 100 people
This will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues from other hospitals and companies in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
We leave Elite Hotel Academia by bus at 15.00

17.30 – 20.00  Dinner at Odinsborg , Old Uppsala, max 100 people.
Bus-trip back to Elite Hotel Academia at 20.00


MAIN CONFERENCE, 28th of September 2022:
(Day 1, Wednesday):

The NAAE-29 CONFERENCE will be held in collaboration with Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska hospital) at the Elite Hotel Academia, Uppsala, Sweden.

08.00 – 09.00   Registration at Elite Hotel Academia entrance
09.00   Welcome by NAAE, Henrik Cederfjord
09.05   Presentation of Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska), Håkan Sjöstrand

09.20   A short presentation from accelerator manufacturers (in alphabetic order..)
               Accuray (YourRad), Elekta, Varian, ViewRay (LIONESS MedTech)

09.45   A short presentation from other companies (in alphabetic order..)
               AEP, C-RAD, CMRT, Linax, Radeq, Teledyne, Vision RT

10.15    Coffee & Tea Break
10.45   Rebuilding of a radiation treatment clinic / Thoughts around new constructions, Håkan Sjöstrand, Uppsala University Hospital
11.25    Experience of MR-Linac, Samuel Fransson, Uppsala University Hospital

12.00   Lunch
13.00   Experience with visual coaching,  Kennet Wikström, Uppsala University Hospital
13.40   Cherenkov imaging, Jonathan Rosser and Lorna Wood, VisionRT
14.20   Tools for measuring the latency of optical surface scanning systems,  Jacob Snäll, Lund University Hospital

15.00   Coffee & Tea Break
15.30   Information about the tour at Uppsala University Hospital
We leave Elite Hotel Academia by bus at 15.40

18.00   Study Trip to Skandion Clinic Proton Center , max 100 people
20.00 – 22.00  Supper at The Bishops Arms

MAIN CONFERENCE, 29th of September 2022:
(Day 2, Thursday):

08.00 – 09.00  NAAE Annual Meeting

09.00  Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), Bernt Nordin, LIONESS MedTech
09.10  Position laser setup & ISO-center definition, Dan Johansson, Technologia Sweden AB
09.30  Predictive Maintenance & Intelligence, Chris Flint, Elekta Instrument

10.00   Coffee & Tea Break
10.30   Results and trends from studies over the last couple of years of collecting real data on our thyratrons and magnetrons in radiotherapy systems, Harriet Gasson and Daniel Clay, Teledyne e2v
11.15     Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Processing, Robin Strand, Uppsala University

12.00   Lunch
13.00   PMI of ViewRay, Joel Paakkinen, Service Manager at LIONESS MedTech
13.45    Smart Services, Carola Hansen, Varian Medical Systems
14.15    Gantry depended QA and beam tuning, Arian van Appeldoorn, UMC Utrecht

15.00   Coffee & Tea Break
15.30   RSEA – The operation in USA and future cooperation with NAAE
16.15    Logfiles monitoring and predictive maintenance, Arian van Appeldoorn, UMC Utrecht
16.45  – 17.00  Evaluation

18.00 – 19.00  Exhibition
19.00 – 22.00  Conference Dinner & Good Bye