Protocol: Annual Member Meeting #14 in Herlev

Herlev 2016-11-11

1. Opening of the meeting
The meeting was opened by Dan Johansson.

2. Determination of the meeting announcement.
The meeting was announced from 23st of June 2016 at NAAEs homepages.

3. Adoption of the agenda
The agenda was adopted.

4. Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting
Dan Johansson was elected as chairman and Petra Viklund was elected as secretary.

5. Election of ballot counting officer as also adjusts the protocol
Henrik Cederfjord and Peter Lange was elected.

6. Finance and Auditor’s report
Dan Johansson presented the financial outcome for 2015.
Magne Johansson presented the auditor’s report.
The financial report was approved by the auditor.

7. Annual report
Dan Johansson presented the annual report for the operating year 2015-2016:

  1. We arranged and supported the 25th NAAE Conference in Herlev 2016.
  2. We arranged a Study Trip to Risø Research Centre, DTU Nutech 2016.
  3. The Board had discussed NAAE’s development and next Conference 2017.
  4. We started to use bookkeeping at Google Drive (can be read online for every transaction by the Auditors).
  5. We started to use a WhatsApp group for Board discussions (this too, can be read by the Auditors).

8. Adoption of the reports and granting freedom from liability for the Board
The reports was adopted and the Board was granted freedom from liability.

9. Activity plan and proposal from the Board

  1. Accept the Simplified Bylaws as was presented in Trondheim 2015.
  2. Add to §2… the language is English and the currency is Euro.
  3. Add to §7-3 and 7-5… to those who perform service, repairs, QA, developments of or sell therapeutic radiotherapy equipment incl. associated equipment.
    Point 1-3 was approved
  • Discuss if we should change the name and working area of our association (for ex. EAAE) …and in that case: Adapt logo, website and do marketing for this.
    It was decided to change the name of association to ”Northern European Association for Accelerator Engineers”, adapt website and do marketing for this.
  • It was decided to keep the short form NAAE and old Logo (accelerator tube).
    If required a new tax-organization number … transfer everything to this.
  • Auditor Magne Johansson told that an association can retain its tax-organization number even if you change its name, i.e. a transfer to a new tax-organization number is not needed.
  • Hold the 26th Conference outside Scandinavia (in Iceland, UK or The Netherlands).
    It was decided that the Board should determine where and when the next NAAE conference should be hold and make plans for this.

10. Budget
Budget 2016-17: EUR 40000:- (2015-16: 30000:-)

  1. Conference: EUR 25000:- (2015-16: 18000:-)
  2. Lectures and StudyTrips: EUR 4500:- (2015-16: 3000:-)
  3. Development of website: EUR 1500:- (2015-16: 1000:-)
  4. Face-to-Face Board Meetings: EUR 1000:- (2015-16: 1000:-)
  5. Activities & development: EUR 2500:- (2015-16: 2500:-)
  6. Marketing, visit conferences & hospitals: EUR 3000:- (2015-16: 2500:-)
  7. Administrative Services: EUR 2500:- (2015-16: 2000:-)

11. Received motions

12. Other issues for discussion

13. Determination of the activity plan and budget
The activity plan and budget was approved by the meeting.

14. Election of Directors and Auditors (and the duration for this)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS:           AUDITORS:                                 EXTRA DUTIES:
Dan Johansson (Jönköping)   Christer Larsson (Växjö)       Creating & maintain website:
Eilert Viking (Linköping)        Magne Johansson (Borås)    Andreas Granberg (Jönköping)
Petra Viklund (Västerås)
Torben Petersen (Herlev)
These were elected and the duration of all was decided to 3 years = 2017-2019.

15. Determination of the time and location of next Annual Member Meeting
It was decided that next Annual Member Meeting should be held at next NAAE conference.

16. End of meeting
Secretary: Petra Viklund
Approved by: Henrik Cederfjord and Peter Lange