Protocol: Annual Member Meeting #15 in Amsterdam

21st of November, 14.00-15.30, at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Amsterdam – South
1. Opening of the meeting.
The meeting was opened by Dan Johansson.
2. Determination of the meeting announcement.
The meeting was announced from May 2017 at NAAE´s homepage.
3. Adoption of the agenda
The agenda was adopted.
4. Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting.
Dan Johansson was elected as chairman and Petra Viklund was elected as secretary.
5. Election of ballot counting officer as also adjusts the protocol.
Aravinth Sivanesan and Malin Spoelstra
6. Finance and Auditor’s report.
Dan Johansson presented the financial outcome for 2016. Presented also the possibility to read and check the bookkeeping online on Google Drive.
Magne Johansson presented the auditor’s report.
The financial report was approved by the auditor.
7. Annual report
Dan Johansson presented the annual report for the operating year 2016-2017:
a. We arranged and supported the 26th NAAE Conference in Amsterdam 2017.
b. We arranged Study Trips to the Van Gogh Museum and VUmc Cancer Center in Amsterdam 2017.
c. The Board had discussed NAAE’s development and next Conference 2018.
d. We continue using Google Drive for bookkeeping.
e. We continue using a WhatsApp group, “NAAE Board” for Board discussions/meetings. This group can be read by the auditors.
8. Adoption of the reports and granting freedom from liability for the Board.
The reports were adopted and the Board was granted freedom from liability.
9. Activity plan and proposal from the Board.
a. Arrange the 27th conference in Reykjavik 2018.
b. Arrange a Study Trip to Geothermal Energy Center (for example Hellisheidi Power Center), in conjunction with the 27th NAAE conference.
10. Budget
Budget 2017-2018: 40.000 (2016-2017: 40.000)
a. Conference: 25.000(2016-2017: 25.000)
b. Lectures and Study Trips: 4.500(2016-2017: 4.500)
c. Development of website: 1.500(2016-2017: 1.500)
d. Face-to-Face Board Meetings: 1.000(2016-2017: 1.000)
e. Activities & development: 2.500(2016-2017: 2.500)
f. Marketing, visit conferences & hospitals: 3.000€ (2016-2017: 3.000)
g. Administrative Services: 2.500 (2016-2017: 2.500)
11. Received motions
12. Other issues for discussion
13. Determination of the activity plan and budget.
The activity plan and budget was approved by the meeting.
14. Election of Directors and Auditors (and the duration for this).
Torben Petersen (Herlev) has decided to resign. Magne Johansson and Aravinth Sivanesan are elected into the board.
Board of directors:
Dan Johansson, Göteborg
Eilert Viking, Linköping
Magne Johansson, Borås
Petra Viklund, Västerås
Aravinth Sivanesan, Stavanger
Christer Larsson Växjö
Kim Nielsen, Århus
Extra Duties:
Andreas Granberg, Jönköping (website)
These were elected and the duration of all until 2019.
15. Determination of the time and location of next Annual Member Meeting.
It was decided that next Annual Member Meeting should be held at next NAAE conference.
16. End of meeting.
Secretary: Petra Viklund
Approved by: Aravinth Sivanesan and Malin Spoelstra