Program, Herlev-Gentofte

9th. November
Study Trip to Risø Research Centre, DTU Nutech (incl. dinner at Roskilde Viking-skip-museum).
The Centre for Nuclear Technologies at the Technical University of Denmark.

13:30 Bus departs from COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL to Risø Accelerator dosimetry and environmental radioactivity research at DTU Nutech.

Theme 1: Accelerator dosimetry.
a) Fiber-coupled plastic scintillator for dose-per-pulse measurements,
b) direct calibration of ionization chambers in MV photon beams vs. cobalt calibration,
c) Optical stimulated luminescence dosimetry (OSL) vs. TLD
d) electronic survey meters for linac shielding verification and radiation protection.

Theme 2: Environmental radioactivity. Gamma, beta and alpha measurement technique in air, water and food.  Monitoring of activity levels since 1959 (fall-out and other sources of radioactivity).

17:00     Roskilde Viking Skip Museum
18:30     Dinner at restaurant SNEKKEN
21:00     Bus departs to COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL (estimated arrival around 21:45)

10th. November
Bus departs at 8:00 from COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL to Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.
Registration from 8:30 at the hospital,
Location:  ”Store auditorium” (big conference room)
Moderator: Ulf Bjelkengren
09:00     Welcome (NAAE organisation) and host hospital
09:15     Hospital presentation, Herlev-Gentofte.
09:30    Lecture: MRI Basic, principles and technology
10:15     Elekta, Company presentation
10:30     C-Rad, Company presentation
10:45     Varian, Company presentation
11:00     Coffee break, sandwich/fruit
11:30     Lecture: MRI- treatment planning, Jens Edmund, Herlev-Gentofte.
12:15     Lecture: Introduction to the MR Linear Accelerator, Andy Scott, Elekta
13:00     Short break
13:15     Lecture: Motion control in Radiotherapy, Wiviann Ottosson, Ph.D. (Medical Physicist), Herlev-Gentofte.
14:00     Lunch
15:00     ScandiDos, Company presentation
15:15     YourRad, Company presentation
15:30     Scanflex, Company presentation
15:45     Coffee break
16:00     Tour in the Department of radiation therapy (start from conference room)
17:00     Bus departs to COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL
18:30     Expo and product presentations at COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL

11th. November
Bus departs at 8:00 from COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL to Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.
Location: ”Store auditorium” (big conference room)
08:45     AEP, Company presentation, followed by..
Lecture: Principles of operation of magnetrons and thyratrons, Arwel Evans, e2v Technologies
09:30     LIONESS Therapeutics AB, presenting ViewRay MRIdian Linac System
10:00     Questions and Answers / Preparing workshops
10:15     Introduction and workshops in Varian and Elekta groups
Software for Varian logfiles by Århus University hospital
11.00     Coffee break
11:15     Workshops in Varian and Elekta groups – continued
12:00     End meeting, completion and evaluation, conference ends
12:15     Lunch (Grab a sandwich) and goodbye
12:45     NAAE Annual Meeting
14:00     Bus to Kastrup Airport