Program, Trondheim

11th. November. Location: Radisson Blu in the room called Brattøra
17:00 – 19:30  Medusa workshop (arr. by St. Olav’s Hospital. Registration: Send a mail to
19:30 – 20:00  Sandwich and drink – NAAE Annual Meeting at Radisson Blu 20:00 – 21:00  Annual Meeting starts

12th. November Bus departs at 8:15 from Radisson Blu
Registration from 8:30 in ST. Olavs Hospital, Kunnskapssenteret Location: conference room KA11
Moderator: Klaus Sohl
09:00     Welcome (NAAE organisation) and host hospital
09:15     Hospital presentation, ST. Olavs Hospital
09:30     Medusa (IT system)
09:45     Elekta, Company presentation
10:00     Nelco, Company presentation
10:15     Varian, Company presentation
10:30     Coffee break
11:00      AEP Linac, Company presentation
11:15      Veritas Medical Solutions, Company presentation
11:30      C-Rad, Company presentation
11:45      Lecture: Protons – the project, buildings, installations etc., Lars Nordenhof
12:30      Lecture: Protons – how does it work, part one (cyclotron, beam-lines, gantry), Stefan Schmidt
13:00      Lunch
13:45      Lecture: Protons – how does it work, part two (cyclotron, beam-lines, gantry), Stefan Schmidt
14:45     Lecture: Protons – clinical aspects, Klaus Seiersen
15:45     Coffee break
16:00     Tour in the Department of radiation therapy
17:00     Bus departs to Radisson Blu
18:30     Expo and product presentations at Radisson Blu
19:30     Dinner at Radisson Blu

13th. November Bus departs at 8:30 from Radisson Blu Location: ST. Olavs Hospital conference room KA11
09:00     Introduction to workshops
09:15      Workshops in Varian and Elekta groups

Elekta:   Elekta Nordic Helpdesk, Nordic Team Leader, Magne Johansson
Presentation of the new engineers for Nordic Service, Preben Andreassen and Joni Karttunen
MLC QA, Odense University Hospital
Customized ABC, Odense University Hospital
Couch isocenter, Odense University Hospital
Crosswire and lightfield, Odense University Hospital
Service cooperation within UK and Nordic, Nigel Hollewell Elekta
How to use Support Plus, Nigel Hollewell Elekta
Questions to Elekta, all participants

Varian:   Several issues regarding intermittent faults on Varian software, including services, Lars Christian
Gating issues, errors on power supply, Lars Christian
Performance on SQL, Lars Christian
Windows 10
The influence of some capacitors in Modulator on beam-DR, Carsten Jensen.                Gating IL after EPID test, Reza Afshar Ghahremani
CAN communication time out, Reza Afshar Ghahremani

10:15       Coffee break
10:30      Workshops in Varian and Elekta groups – continued
12:00      End meeting, completion and evaluation
12:15       Lunch and Goodbye
13:00      Conference ends