Technical discussions 2018, ELEKTA


Submitted questions:
1a) Have you done any changes regarding maintenance etc for Agility Head now after more then 5 years experience/use?
1b) Issues with brakes.
1c) Lubrication of leaves and Dynamic Leaf Guides.

2a) Problems regarding movement of XVI xray-tube (in/out).
After a few years the movement gets heavier and heavier although we lubricate bearings.
2b) What are the recommendations and possible improvements?

3a) Problem that the XVI-system stops working due to wrong workstation ID (WS1 instead of WS2).
3b) Troublesome procedure to get this correct again.
3c) Any bugfix for this?

4a) What are the experiences from using the hexapod-table?
4b) Any issues with latest release?

5a) How many HT-hours may we expect from a magnetron ?
We changed one on an Elekta Synergy after 2700 HT-hours last month.
What is a normal lifespan ?
) Feedback versus non-feedback machine ?
Longer life span on a feedback machine?

6) New integrity software was planned for the spring of 2018. So where is it?

7) We have a young employee and we want to train him. There is a huge waiting list. Why?

8) The gun quality was very poor the last years. Why and is it better now?

9) Elekta delivers the machine with SF6 for the RF transmission. This gas is very toxic for the environment. We had to sort out our self how to take care and it has a price. What is Elekta’s point of view about this (and the environment..)?

+ additional questions at the conference in Reykjavik